Case Study: Chartered Institute of Building

CLIENT FOCUS: The Chartered Institute of Building

An HR Leadership Role Coaching Success Story

Tash's coaching has been critical in helping me to make a positive impact on the business


The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) is the world’s largest and most influential professional body for construction management and leadership. Members work worldwide in the development, conservation and improvement of the built environment.

The CIOB accredits university degrees, educational courses and training, and its professional and vocational qualifications are a mark of the highest levels of competence and professionalism.

“When I was promoted to a new strategic role with a team reporting into me, I recognised I was going to need support and development in certain key areas.”

The challenge

“Having worked in administrative roles within the CIOBs HR department for several years, I gained my MA in Human Resources Management and
was promoted to the position of HR Manager. After discussing with my line manager how to make my transition as seamless as possible, we engaged
Natasha from Organic P&O Solutions.”

“Tash has been working with me for over a year now. Initially, our face to face coaching sessions focused on the functional aspects of my new role, addressing a wide range of issues including aspects of team management and workload prioritisation. More recently though, I’ve been working with Tash on developing my leadership, influence and resilience skills.”

Working with Organic P&O Solutions

“Tash has been a massive help to me in making the transition. She’s helped me to shift the way I work by getting me to challenge the way I think, working with me to analyse situations, consider why I respond in certain ways – and assisting me in altering my instinctive behaviour where necessary.”

“Tash’s HR experience has been particularly useful for me in my role. If I’m struggling with a particular HR issue, I know I can call on her for advice.”

Going the extra mile

“Tash has really helped me to challenge the way I think: she picks up on things that are symptomatic of what I need to change: things that without her prompting I wouldn’t even be aware of.”

A great result

“As a result of the work I’m doing with Tash, I’m confident in my role and the decisions I’m making. I think this confidence feeds through to the rest of the organisation in terms of the way I work with my colleagues and how I interact with my team at all levels.”

Case Study: Inca Accounting

Client Focus: Inca Accounting

A HR Support success story

Tash's expert advice helps us to balance our legal responsibilities with our business objectives


Inca Accounting specialises in working with the owners of micro to small start-ups, helping them build and grow successful, sustainable businesses. By surrounding owners with all the support and information they need, Inca has achieved a new business survival rate that exceeds the national average by more than 300%.

“Before appointing Organic P&O Solutions, we were having to dedicate considerable internal time and resources to dealing with HR-related matters.”

The challenge

“Overseeing HR has been part of my role at Inca from the outset. As our workforce grew in line with our expanding client base however, I found the increasing amount of time I was spending on HR matters was impacting on my other important responsibilities.”

“With ambitious plans for further growth, we knew we needed to find an HR advisor used to working with big organisations – one that could respond to our demanding requirements and deliver a high level of service to free up more of my time.”

Working with Organic P&O Solutions

“Working with Organic P&O Solutions has transformed our HR resource at Inca. Tash brings a new level of professionalism to this crucial area,
thinking strategically and helping us to anticipate issues before they even arise.”

“We have developed a strong working relationship, and Tash has become an important member of our team. it’s reassuring to know that she is there to give us prompt, professional advice when we need it, and to provide ongoing support to our in-house HR administrator.”

“Tash has also helped us to finalise our HR Employee Handbook, capturing all our HR policies in one place. The Handbook had been a work in progress for several years but remained unfinished due to lack of time. Thanks to Tash, it’s now fit for purpose and underpins all our HR activity.”

Going the extra mile

“Tash is proactive and full of great ideas. She helps ensure we comply with the latest legislation; doing so while always keeping the best interests of our business front of mind.”

A great result

“Knowing that Organic P&O Solutions have got our back on everything HR-related leaves me free to focus on servicing our clients. I know I can have complete confidence that Tash will take care of all our requirements – and that she will do a great job!”

Case Study: Pantera

Client Focus: Pantera

A Leadership and Executive Coaching Success Story

Tash helps us understand what our legal obligations are - and what it's possible to achieve just by sitting down and having a conversation


Pantera is the leading carpentry and joinery contractor in London and the South East. Working on prestigious residential, commercial, educational, and leisure projects, the multi-award-winning business has established a reputation for delivering high-quality work and first class client service.

Integral to Pantera’s success are the company’s apprenticeship schemes and graduate and senior management development programmes which have contributed to producing a highly trained workforce.

The challenge

“Our HR requirements have changed as our business and workforce have grown exponentially. While our HR subscription service was still useful for queries relating to junior staff and apprentices, we recognised that we needed help implementing the advice provided. In addition, the service was not robust enough to support our needs in relation to senior staff.”

“Pantera’s rapid scale-up meant that the business also needed help with HR training, and with updating our policies and processes. It was clear we needed to bolster our HR resources in line with our expansion.”

Working with Organic P&O Solutions

“Organic P&O Solutions’ input has been crucial in helping us manage the HR challenges that have come along with our business growth. Tash supplements the support we get from our HR subscription advice service, and adds a further level of depth to it, helping us understand and implement the guidance we receive.”

“Tash has been instrumental in helping us develop employment contracts that address the fluctuating workflow typical of our sector; balancing the flexibility we need while ensuring contracts remain fair and attractive for employees. She’s helped us get our HR policies in place and put them into practice so we’re fully compliant, and has run training workshops in skills including interview techniques to help us make better recruiting decisions.”

Going the extra mile

“When I needed to recruit a Personal Assistant, Tash worked with me to create a profile of the ideal candidate. It really helped our focus throughout the process, and the eventual appointee fitted the criteria Tash had set out exactly!”

A great result

“Having Tash work alongside Pantera lends us a level of HR professionalism not normally found in a business of our size. Being seen to invest in people shows our team how much we appreciate and value them, and elevates our reputation as a good, caring employer, helping differentiate us from our competitors.”

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