CLIENT FOCUS: Bridewell Consulting

HR Support - High Growth SME

We wanted someone experienced in working with bigger organisations. Someone who would bring a larger enterprise approach.


Bridewell Consulting, one of the UK’s leading independent Cyber Security and Data Privacy companies, employs over sixty highly skilled consultants across the UK. Their core areas, which encompass a full suite of wider services that can be tailored for clients, are Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, Data Privacy and Managed Services. Bridewell supports the protection of clients’ systems and data by evolving and strengthening their security and privacy posture over time.

“Our long-term objective is to manage our HR function in-house, but in the meanwhile, we needed an HR professional to advise and support us – and to train our internal resource.”

The challenge

“Our vision is for Bridewell to become a global leading cyber security company where people enjoy and want to work. We’re hiring the best talent from across our industry to build an elite team of specialists. Since we started, we’ve experienced significant growth, with our headcount doubling each year.”

“We engaged Tash to assist us in developing an organisation and culture where people would aspire to work, to ensure we have the right management structure in place for future growth and to help us build a fit-for-purpose team. She also has responsibility for supporting and training our internal HR assistant – with a view to us eventually taking control of HR ourselves.”

Working with Organic P&O Solutions

“Early on, we used Tash as a safety net, to provide us with HR advice as and when we needed it. But as Bridewell has grown, she’s become an extension of our internal team, delivering crucial strategic support.”

“Tash has reviewed our HR processes and documentation – including our staff handbook and employment contracts to ensure they’re fully compliant. She meets regularly with our internal HR assistant, setting her tasks and overseeing her work to help us increase and develop our in-house HR knowledge.”

“With Organic P&O Solutions supporting us, I can be confident that our HR tasks are being driven forward, and that we have the right structure in place for our planned growth.”

Going the extra mile

“Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Tash has been there to support us. In service areas where clients have been most heavily impacted by the pandemic, she’s helped us to make adjustments to our structure with as little impact to our staff as possible .”

A great result

“Working with Organic P&O Solutions gives us the reassurance that we’re doing things the correct way. I know Tash is always on call if I need advice, and when I have ideas I want to discuss, I value her experience and the external perspective she brings.”

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