CASE STUDY: Archway Business Solutions

Recruitment Support

"Tash very much took the pain out of the interview process..."


Archway Business Solutions install photocopiers and printers directly to clients and offer an ongoing support service to ensure they work efficiently. They are a service based company and focus on offering the best after sales care to clients within a very competitive market place. The company purchased a new building 10 months ago which started the ball rolling for business expansion and highlighted the need for support to recruit the right people to enable that growth.

“Our long-term objective is to manage our HR function in-house, but in the meanwhile, we needed an HR professional to advise and support us – and to train our internal resource.”

THE PROJECT - a customer’s perspective

“We have grown organically as a company and I have run the business by myself over the last 8 years, I recognised with the business expansion I needed to recruit someone to work closely with me.”

“I was fine to recruit engineers but really need some HR support to help me find the right admin person to work alongside me. I tried to find the right candidate on my own, but I was presented with some challenges, so decided to ask Tash to come and help me.”

“Tash came and walked me through the interview process. Initially helping me create the questions; leading the questioning with me during the interview and then helping me to review the candidates at the end of the process. After the interview process we discussed all applicants and came to a joint decision as to who the best person was for the job. ”

“Tash very much took the pain out of the recruitment process. She was prepared to write the letters advising people they had been unsuccessful as well as the offer letter to the successful candidate. ”

Tash also helped us with the contract, sitting down and explaining it to both myself and the successful candidate, making it simple and easy to understand. It was a seamless process.

“I will definitely be working with her in the future and would recommend her to anyone with any HR worries at all.”

A great result

“Tash also helped us with the contract... explaining it to both myself and the successful candidate”

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