Recruitment Support

Why do I need it?

  • Can’t afford another costly hiring mistake?
  • Need people but don’t know where to start?
  • So many recruitment, selection and interviewing options, not enough time?

The recruitment market is growing faster than ever and with technologies continually evolving, finding a pool of suitable candidates is easy. But what about the part that comes after the CVs arrive and before your new starter’s first day? If you don’t have an in-house recruiter, you’re on your own.

Our clients are usually clear about their ideal candidate and what they need them for. We help them capture their thoughts, and then we create simple, effective and tailored recruitment solutions that support their natural styles.  We take care of the details, so they’re in the driving seat to make the important decisions about who they invite to join their team.


  • No HR overheads
  • Improved effectiveness in selection process
  • Develops internal personnel in effective recruitment practices
  • Peace of mind – legislative obligations observed
  • Creates positive employer presence in market/sector
  • Globally recognised psychometric and ability test instruments
  • Connections with recruitment businesses

What we do


  • Manage your recruitment suppliers for you
  • Assess your vacancy needs in line with your current organisation structure
  • Build a Job Description and Candidate Profile
  • Work with recruitment data partners and agencies to create brief and advertising
  • Bespoke support activity tailored to your needs


  • Manage candidate communication, interview schedules and correspondence
  • Provide a selection / interview approach
  • Train and/or interview alongside your people to provide coaching support in selection and interview skills
  • Give coaching support through the decisions process to ensure you’re hiring to the brief
  • Manage the communication process to ensure you deliver a high quality candidate experience.


  • Review the process with you
  • Support the offer process
  • Set up induction plans
  • Manage final communication