Organisation Design

Why do I need it?

  • Are all your people pulling in the same direction?
  • Are the right people, with the right skills sets in the right roles?
  • Do your people know what you expect from them and what they can expect from you in return?


We believe that businesses need a solid infrastructure that consists of 3 things:

  • Clear vision and purpose
  • Strong leadership and values
  • Right people, right skills, right role

Without these three things, organisations might survive but they don’t thrive.

As a business leader you know how important it is to respond swiftly to changes like a new competitor, a change in supply chain, or embracing new technologies and methods. But can your team respond in the ways your organisation needs them to?

We help leaders in small and large organisations shape their teams by assessing who they have and what they want to achieve.  Then we use our coaching approach to develop their insights, and design team structures so they can deliver their business goals effectively.


  • Risk of employment dispute reduced
  • No HR overhead
  • Productivity increases
  • Limited business and operational disruption
  • Improved ownership through clear roles and responsibilities
  • Enhanced team commitment to business goals
  • Stronger working relationships

What we do


  • Strategic assessment of business ‘current’ and ‘future’ state
  • Facilitate executive/board decisions
  • Coaching approach to creating organisation design
  • Operational HR risk assessment
  • Production of organisation charts
  • Cohesive implementation plans and guidance
  • Briefing and guidance for in-house personnel


  • Production of internal briefing scripts
  • Scoping and rationale document produced to ensure business rationale meets legislative requirements
  • Full briefing and guidance prior to implementation
  • Correspondence support


  • Implementation with or for in-house personnel
  • Assessment/update of risk throughout process
  • Coaching and guidance about approaches for leaders/managers
  • Guided consultation process
  • Tailored correspondence