Leadership & Development

Why do I need it?

  • Do you have to look externally to fill leadership positions?
  • Are you losing your best employees?
  • Are some of your teams less effective than others?

When high performing individuals are first promoted they sometimes struggle with their new demands and it is common for leaders to assume a mistake has been made in the appointment.

We provide tailored coaching and development programmes for individuals and groups of all levels to enhance self- awareness and the adoption of new skills so they can meet business challenges.

Our organic, bespoke approach ranges from creating short-term training solutions to longer term development programmes.  Whatever the duration, our solutions develop people to work more collaboratively so organisations become more effective.

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  • Increased commitment to vision, strategy and values
  • Teams collaborate
  • Teams become more responsive to business developments
  • Talented people are retained and engaged
  • Learning is transferred practically to work environment
  • Solutions impact on contributions from all levels of the organisation, from front line to executives
  • Enhanced commitment to internal communication and engagement processes

What we do


  • Identify bespoke leadership team requirements
  • Assess current infrastructure strength and limitations
  • Diagnose cultural norms, strengths and resistors
  • Understand core organisation journey and appetite for change/development/growth


  • Create tailored learning programmes with blend of group and individual delivery
  • Focus on outcomes for individuals and organisation
  • Create evaluation mechanisms as part of design
  • Utilise traditional tools aligned with organisation history
  • Learner led interventions – blend of facilitation and education


  • Face to face, individual and group facilitation
  • Follow up coaching support to assist transfer to workplace via Skype and Phone
  • Strategic and pragmatic content delivered in a style that matches audience level from first appointments to executive leadership levels
  • Provides challenge and stretch appropriate to delegate level