HR Services

Why do I need it?

  • Do you have up to date contracts of employment and policies in place?
  • Is internal conflict affecting customer service?
  • Are you avoiding a difficult conversation?
  • Taking on people for the first time? We provide practical help, guidance and documentation so you have everything you need from the start.

There is no doubt that disputes cause significant disruption to business operations and personal lives.

We find employers often focus on meeting statutory obligations and in return employees focus on what they might be entitled to.  Both approaches are understandable, however neither are helpful in finding constructive solutions.

We use our organic approach to remove the toxic dialogue of employer/employee disputes by diagnosing the core issues, creating safe spaces that allow frank discussion, and assisting informed and conscientious decisions and behaviours.


  • Practical solutions to suit your business
  • No HR overheads
  • Amicable and empathetic approach
  • Encouragement of in-house ownership
  • Sharing of lessons learned
Increased workforce productivity
Develops internal personnel in effective management of disputes at work – theory and practice
  • Peace of mind – legislative obligations observed
  • Protects employer reputation in (local) market

What we do


  • Preliminary case assessment of risk
  • Investigation advice and guidance
  • Briefing regarding employer obligations


  • Process toolkits and recommended approaches
  • Produce options and approaches
  • Provide correspondence templates


  • Implementation with in-house personnel
  • Assessment of risk throughout process
  • Coaching and guidance for leaders/managers implementing e.g. disciplinary / grievance process
  • Tailored correspondence.