Shaping successful teams

Theresa May is re-shaping her team to deliver her pledge to ‘Build a Better Britain’.  Whatever your political beliefs and affiliations, it is a great reminder that leaders need to select and develop their teams if they are to deliver their vision.

Small and medium sized businesses have so much more than employment opportunities to offer, and in uncertain times, it is often investment in people that takes a break.

Here are some suggestions for investing in people that will deliver value without incurring high cost, and which can produce much bigger returns whatever the business size.

  1. What can you source in the local community? 59% of UK employment opportunities are with SMEs. If the global market is shifting, what local opportunities are opening up?
  1. Who in your organisation has high potential and high commitment? Perhaps a little investment here can ensure these people stay with you when you need them most. If you don’t look after them, your competitors might.
  1. Where is your space in the market place going to be in the next few years? What skills and behaviours do your teams need to get you there and keep you there? Is there funding you can take advantage of to support training costs for your sector?
  1. Do you have the right people, in the right places, to grow your business? If not, take some time to review your staffing structure. Where are the opportunities to share expertise and learning within the team?
  1. Do you have trusted outsourced partners who can move swiftly to action to support your business when you need them? This way you can get best benefit from having flexibility of good resource when you need it, without incurring the overhead.

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